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4 January 2008

If you belong to Maisonnave’s family, you can have an access to:

  • this website (in the sector "Maisonnave’s family" -> your surname)
  • to the mail and have a your_surname@maisonnave.org email address
  • to the webmail (if you have a local email address)


Just email to " family AT maisonnave DOT org " (replace the uppercases words with the usual characters), with your request :

  • either join an ID copy (with your first name and your surname), using JPG or PDF,
  • or by cooptation from an already registered member that already knows you.


Your own first name is not Maisonnave but you are a relative of this family. In that case, send us an explanation to the same email address and you’ll have an access to the website mainly to the genealogy part.


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